Things We Love | Outdoor Furniture

By June 23, 2017 Uncategorized

After almost a decade living in New York City, I still find the ocean as the place where I re-energize. There is something about the water that takes us back to a place of peace and comfort. At MASON D+D we constantly look for ways to invite nature back into our homes but when summer arrives, all we want is to be outside.

This is why selecting the right outdoor furniture is so important. Outdoor furniture should not call for attention, it should be minimal and let the surroundings play center stage.

At Sutherland, we really love the Plateau Collection. This sculptural furniture collection seems to become part of nature and the exposed tenons and finger joints are reminiscent of the Arts And Crafts movement, or an anti industrialized time when craftsmanship was celebrated.


From Summit, we like the simplicity of the Sundeck collection. The slim frames give a very delicate touch and almost spa like to any outdoor space.


Recently we have become obsessed with Harbour Outdoor. The Australian brothers behind this furniture brand come from a family of furniture makers. The result of is simple frames with an impressive attention to detail.


RH has become a favorite of us for outdoor furniture as well. With collaborations with designers like the Condos Brothers from Harbour, the Aegean line is one of RH’s best additions.


Whatever you decide, make sure your outdoor spaces are as inviting as your living room or dining room. Have a great summer!

Best Wishes,