From meetings with vendors reviewing fabrics and finishes to scouting new booths at the Paris Flea Market, we spend a lot of time digesting trends in residential interior design. Our team at Mason D&D talks about these trends frequently, and after a few clients requested some expert opinions on the subject, we decided it made sense to publish a monthly collection of the top trends we have our eyes on.


The dark wood has a duality that we just love. While appearing modern at first glance, the warm, organic nature of the materials begin to come forward, like the heat from a freshly-prepared Picante de la Casa at SoHo House. The stone backsplash continues up through exposed cabinetry, which is a huge trend right now and one we are using in many of our projects. (Image via


We’ve been fans of Zak & Fox’s wildly successful fabrics, and their store is one we frequent on a near-weekly basis. A foray into wall coverings makes sense for the NY-based designer, who has come to truly master a perfect balance between compelling visuals and interesting textures. (Image via


Funny enough, these heavy stone tables bring an extraordinary amount of warmth to a space. We’re seeing these pop up at some top hotels like 1 Hotel in Miami Beach, and many of our residential clients are asking for them. Big Daddy Antiques (sometimes called BD Antiques) has the best selection at the best prices. Their Los Angeles and San Francisco stores are must-visits. (Image was taken at BD Antiques LA)


If you aren’t following @objectlosangeles, you’re missing out. Brian Roark’s Insta is a frequent source of inspiration for us, as his curated pieces of found objects is second-to-none. A found object is a must for any bookshelf or tabletop that needs a finishing touch. (Image via Instagram)


This funky-sounding work is an over-complicated way of saying “Using nature in indoor spaces.” AirBnB’s officeGoogle’s proposed Dome, and Coffee for Sasquatch in LA are great examples of biophilia. Proposed by Harvard Professor Edward O. Wilson in the ‘80s, this concept is now a massive trend with clients requesting more natural light, organic pieces, green walls, and less “manufactured”-feeling spaces. (Image via Coffee for Sasquatch)


A perfect segue from biophilia, sustainable, handmade pieces are wildly popular at the moment. Stores like Dear HumanThe Citizenry, and Uncommon Goods are great places to start. We particularly love their lighting and textiles. (Image via Elle Decor)


Passamenterie is luxurious embellishments. From jewelry to handbags, you’ve most-likely seen tassels, braids, and fringing a lot more lately. The umbrellas at SoHo Beach House are perfect examples of passementerie. The luxurious detail transforms a simple day at the beach into an experience. For residential design, we’re using passementerie for lamps and lampshadespillow coversdrapery, and other soft accents both inside and outside our clients’ homes. (Image via SoHo Beach House)