Seven Trends In Color

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This Seven Trends is dedicated to trends in color for both residential and hospitality spaces. My team at MDD and I are always sharing our thoughts on color since color is one of the main pillars of any space. Check out our top picks, and be sure to visit the Pinterest board we created with some of our favorite uses of spiced honey.

Loving Spiced Honey

Spiced honey is one of those colors that plays well as an earth tone but also packs a big punch. It’s on the intersection of blending in and punching you in the face,” said Manrique. “Spiced honey works well on everything–furniture, accessories, walls–the trick is to balance it with off white so it doesn’t pop too much.

Check out our Pinterest Board filled with inspirational images highlighting spiced honey.

Rose Gold is Dead

I have always hated rose gold. I’m ecstatic it’s dead. It’s not even trendy, it’s more of a fad, a flash in the pan. I like to avoid fad colors because they become almost thematic to the exact date the color was chosen. Like pea green from the 70s, rose gold is just–I’m happy it’s dead. Again.

Pops of Aqua

A few of our clients have added pools to their rooftop townhouses, specifically in TriBeCa. Although rooftop pools aren’t new, the sheer number of them now in plain sight from townhouse rooftops is increasing every season. These pops of bright blue mean that design teams like ours at MDD are able to break the stereotypical NYC rooftop color palette and actually use some more resort-inspired colors like coral and royal blue.

Too Much Farmhouse

Farmhouse design is overdone. Period. The eclectic use of colors, mixed pieces, and modern fixtures are starting to feel so standard it’s not special. I absolutely love re-using furniture and I love antiques, but the style of a home needs to emulate the surroundings, and, let’s be honest–not every home is located in the English countryside. Designers, be more creative.

Green, Green, Green

Everyone knows I love plants indoors. Design enthusiasts in South Korea have actually started calling this style ‘planterior’ and I’m loving it. Follow the hashtag on Instagram to keep up on all the cool things people are doing with plants inside their homes. This sounds like common sense, but don’t forget that plants tend to be green, and green is a color. When picking color palettes for spaces with lots of plants, keep it neutral so the plant has an opportunity to pop. My favorite color to use with plant-filled rooms? Spiced honey.

More Than A Pop Of Color

Is he still talking about The Future Perfect? Yes, he’s still talking about the Future Perfect. They’re a bit ahead of the industry trend (as they should be) with their use of color. Lots of it. And in unique combinations, too. I’ve got to say, I’m digging it. My only piece of advice: Don’t overdo it.

Black Silverware

This is going to be a long-lasting trend. Classic white plates with black silverware are high-end, chic, and respectable. Unlike rose gold silverware, black silverware can be used year-round and works well in pretty much any room style, from contemporary to organic modern.


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