Seven Trends February 2019

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Our travels this January had us spending a lot of time working with vendors for high-end residential projects in Miami and New York. You’ll notice a heavy “dark” feel for many of the trends we selected this month. This follows a trend with fashion, art, and even music to skew towards darker tones. As always, reply to this email to get more details about anything mentioned, and forward to anyone you know looking to hire a high-end residential design firm.



The organic modern style relies heavily on monochromatic earth tones to accentuate the natural textures of wool, woods, and stones. This monochromatic philosophy has spilled over beyond organic modernism, and into a range of other design styles. Bolder colors painted over entire walls, bookcases, trimming, and even found objects creates a statement while also blending in. (Image via and Smålands Skinnmanufaktur)


In a recent survey, 93% of people surveyed said that they would upgrade their kitchen countertops, making the flat surfaces where we chop, drop our keys, and set our cups of coffee the greatest investment in upgrading a kitchen. Quartz and natural stone are the two top material choices for countertops at the moment. Our favorite, soapstone, is a non-porous, natural stone so it resists stains. One of our top vendors for soapstone is StoneSource. (Image via Vermont Soapstone)


What’s old is new again. Sure, libraries were nearly eliminated by and the rise of online shopping, but the charm and warmth from some of the classic library-inspired pieces live on. These lamps aren’t only nice to look at, they’re also highly functional and perfect for workspaces where one may work on a laptop, read a book, or create plans for a sailing trip through Croatia. (Image via BKAntiques)


Plaster is big. Like wallpaper, it requires an expert craftsman to install, and you get what you pay for. Unlike wallpaper, plaster begs to be touched. Feeling the texture is a part of experiencing it. There are so many different ingredients that can make up plaster, as well as every color under the sun. Right now, we’re obsessed with Art Space NYC’s plaster. When renovating your home in the future, don’t forget to consider plaster as a specialty finish that can elevate your space to the next level. Also, don’t forget to check out our post about selecting the best plasters for your home. (Image via Art Space NYC)


Powder rooms are small bathrooms used mostly by guests. That’s why making a big, bold statement in a powder room makes perfect sense. We love a well-designed powder room using materials like Saint Laurent marble, matte black faucets from By Cocoon, or a black toilet from Toto. Design tip: When designing an all-black powder room, be sure to keep a major element in a lighter color, such as the vanity base or mirror. (Image via ElleDecor)


Mirrors are often overlooked as an item that homeowners should see more value in. Oftentimes, shopping at Ikea for a mirror can shave down the budget, the design gets lost in a sea of sameness, as going from home to home you run into the same mirrors over and over. To stand out, try a  bronze mirror from Bower Studios, purchasable via Matter Matters. They are unique, make a statement, and won’t break the bank. (Image via Matter Matters)


We need to say “Thank you” to Marie Kondo and the Netflix show “Tidying Up.” Years ago we saw an article where Nate Berkus renovated a workspace for free. Start-to-finish it took him about two hours, and all he did was organize and throw away garbage. Although that article didn’t change America, Marie Kondo’s show truly changed our Instagram feeds into a stream of well-organized, well-folded closets. We often forget that we lose interest in spaces that are neglected, and by sparking some joy into the things we use and thanking (and throwing away or donating) the things we don’t, we can have a space that we truly love. (Image via Netflix)

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