Roughing Up The Luxury Hotel Experience

By November 15, 2017 Uncategorized

This past weekend we attended BDNY once again. If you have never heard of it, BDNY is a boutique design hotel conference that is held every year in New York City and organized by Boutique Design Magazine. Top designers, hoteliers, and vendors in the hospitality industry gathered together for two days full of new products, conferences and of course a few parties.

In an industry where trends change so quickly, it is important to understand what drives our guests. This year BDNY had Maxwell Luthy from Trend Watching joined the Megatrends in Hospitality conference and it was a very exciting talk. The definition of luxury has changed and with this, the way companies are targeting consumers. Maxwell mentioned that 80% of consumers rather pick a luxury experience than a luxury item. I guess this explains the struggle in the retail industry and how more and more boutique hotels are opening successfully.

As consumers demand experiences, it is our job as designers to create spaces that allow for customers to created those moments. This is where the term Lifestyle design comes into place. We need to create spaces that allow for experiences to be made. Maxwell brought the term “Rough Up The Luxury Experience” and it stuck in my head. I have never heard it before yet it made so much sense. Maxwell also mentioned a hotel in London that instead of just providing a Michelin star restaurant that guests can go to, it allows for the guest to have it packed in a basket and take with them on their trip to the lake. This sounds something SoHo House would do at their Farmhouse location, and sounds like a dream!

Imagine how many other creative ways we can provide luxury for guests.

Best Wishes,