How to pick the right materials for your space

By May 31, 2018 Uncategorized

Humans are naturally drawn to materials, and it is thru the senses that we really remember a space. When we see or touch things, we remember how those items made us feel. We discover the world thru all our senses, and touch is an important one.

When we go over materials with the client we encourage them to touch the stones, the velvets, the leathers. Only this way, they can really get a sense of what the room will feel like. We look for clients to understand the importance of the handle when you open the door to your home or hotel space, or the importance of the fabrics you put on on your sofa.

Here are a few tips on how to select the right palette for your project.


Often, friends asked me what color they should paint a room or what wallcovering will go in that space. The truth is, you cannot select one material without the others or without the context of the space they will live in. The light can make the paint look very different than when you see it at the store or the studio. Whether it is a new home, restaurant or hotel, make sure you bring the materials to that space to better understand them.


When you are selecting materials it is important to always find balance. A room full of expensive stones and metals will not look inviting. Instead, look to balance them, for example, a very luxurious marble with a more down to earth material like limestone come together nicely. A calacatta marble next to a cerused oak makes for a more inviting space. Just like everything, balance orchestrates for a better way of life.


As humans, we understand materials better by contrast. That is just how our senses work. This means that in order to get the best of all materials, we need to find it’s opposite.

When you are designing spaces make sure you offset for example the coldness of a marble stone with the warmth of a linen fabric, then add natural materials like woods and a touch of luxe like a brass or nickel metal.


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