Hotel Design And Biophilic Practices

By August 23, 2017 Uncategorized

1-Hotel-MASON-DD-PoolA few months ago we attended BD West, one of the largest conferences for hoteliers, designers, and vendors in the hotel industry. One of the most important conferences, in my opinion, was the Biophilic Design panel. During this session, Lorraine Francis from Gensler and Bill Browning from Terrapin talked about the importance of designing with the environment in mind and how Biophilic practices are good for business.

According to the data presented, designing with Biophilia in mind can account for up to a 16% higher rate for rooms with water  or garden views, up to 25% increase in general shopping for spaces in proximity to green space and an annual savings of up to $3K per employee in a workspace with views to nature.

More recently we visited the new 1 Hotel in Brooklyn, and just like the NYC and Miami Beach locations, it attests to the importance of designing with biophilic principles in mind. The exo-luxe environment starts with a 25 feet tall green wall. And if you are thinking that you have seen a hundred green walls, this one blends into the architecture like you have not seen before. The rest of the hotel design follows this same path, with natural materials and textures that guarantee a relaxing oasis away from the NYC hustle.

As designers, it is important to take responsibility and design for a better human 1-Hotel-MASON-DD-Room-Bedinteraction. Data has shown us that using Biophilic principles is the way and now it is showing us that using this same approach is a good financial decision.

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