Greener buildings, higher productivity and lower maintenance costs

By January 30, 2017 Uncategorized

After moving to NYC from California, I was eager to find my way into sustainable design. California is well known for a better approach towards sustainability and I was surprised to see NYC behind those practices. But today things are changing, architects and designers are quickly concluding that sustainable design is not a trend that some can stay away from.

According to the National Geographic, cities cover 2% of the worlds land area and account for about 70% of green house emissions. But more spread out cities don’t necessarily mean a more sustainable approach. In fact, with new green building practices US buildings have reduced CO2 emissions by 34%.

Not only is a responsible approach to building today for the future generations but studies show that productivity is enhanced when buildings are designed for noise reduction, improved ventilation and maximum light. Workers who sit by windows not only are more productive but sleep an extra 46 minutes at night.

What about economic incentives? Even though building costs might be higher, there are long terms benefits for developers and owners willing to use sustainable practices. Green buildings average a drop of 20 percent in building costs and 17% higher occupancy.

If you are a looking to renovate a property or starting the design of a new building, make sure to ask your architect and designer how green building practices can benefit you in the long run.

To read the rest of the article on How Green Buildings Could Save Our Cities, go to National Geographic.

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