Five Kitchen Trends For 2017

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For many years now, this room has become the heart of the home. Whether you are baking cookies, entertaining or preparing dinner for your family, the kitchen is the most used space in any home. Therefore, when we design, we take special attention to such an important space. Here are five kitchen trends for 2017

Roman and Williams Kitchen

Roman and Williams  | Kitchen


Although an open kitchen is not for everyone, this is a trend that is not going anywhere in the near future. With all its pros and cons, open concept kitchens bring an airier feel to your home and encourages a causal way of living.

However, when opening the kitchen to the rest of the home, we need to pay more attention to this space in aesthetic and functionality. This is why we encourage the mix of colors, materials and textures to connect this important space to the rest of the home.

Make sure you incorporate a kitchen island in the right scale. This additional working surface helps create a division between the kitchen and the living room without needing a wall. A well scaled kitchen island can be used to dine, wine or entertain. Be careful of open shelves as you will need to be very neat to keep your kitchen looking casual yet sharp. Finally, make sure the mix of materials, from floors to countertops and millwork speak the same language to the rest of the home.


Custom Bench


Your favorite spot in the restaurant is making its way to the kitchen. A built-in bench is becoming more and more popular. Not only an upholstered nook brings sophistication to any kitchen but it evokes a new way of living, one where we are encouraged to sit down and share a meal with our loved ones. Make sure your bench is upholstered in stain resistant fabrics or leather for easier maintenance. A channel or tufted detail is a nice way to make this furniture piece look more elegant, but make sure the seat is smooth and detail free to avoid food being stuck there.


Meg Ryan Kitchen

Meg Ryan | Kitchen | AD

Maybe is the New Yorker in me, but I always believe a little black brings a level of sophistication to any space. The kitchen is no different and that is why we encourage our clients to bring black accents to their kitchen. Whether it is in the light fixtures, metal accents or even cabinets or backsplash tile, a little touch of black will elevate your kitchen. The key is to find the right balance of sophistication and casual living. This can be accomplished by mixing black with woods, white and maybe even some brighter but muted colors.

Mason-Design-And-Development-Kitchen-Floor-Pattern4. PATTERN

One of the biggest trends in the past years has been pattern. Don’t be afraid to bring some trendy patterns to your kitchen. Whether you do it with a kitchen area rug, pottery or something more permanent like the backsplash or floors, some pattern is a great way to bring some playfulness into your home design.



Nate Berkus | Kitchen

Not too long ago, brass was considered out of style or passé. However, for over a decade this metal has made its way back. Brass brings a warmer touch to your kitchen without sacrificing any design aesthetic and our favorite brands like Waterworks are producing stunning brass fixtures for your home.

No matter what your taste or design aesthetic is, always remember to design your kitchen according to the way you live.

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